How To Create A Quality Backlink

Build Your Website Trust & Authority Online

Trust and authority are two vital metrics that will drive your organic search engine traffic online.

There is a lot spoken about trust and authority but what are they and how can we build them?


In order to rank at the top of Google for anything that may be considered to be a competitive search term Google needs to trust you. Without that trust you will not rank, you will not attract any traffic, you will not make any money.

Trust is as much about building quality associations online as it is about avoiding negative associations online.

Negative associations might be such things as backlink networks (designed purely to manipulate Googles rankings).

Google dislikes link networks and seeks them out de-indexing them when they are identified. Additionally Google normally punishes any sites that are linked to from these networks.

New link networks are being discovered all the time so just because one appears to work today it doesn’t mean that it will be safe to use tomorrow.

Trust is difficult to build up but very easy to destroy by seeking cheap, fast and cost efficient link building methods that are short-term in nature.


Authority and is closely related to trust in that the two work hand-in-hand to give you a good organic search traffic.

Think of authority as the strength of your brand online while trust is the strength and quality of other sites linking to you and is a good indication of the company you keep.

If you only associate online with highly regarded, well respected and top ranking websites that are related to your niche and relevant to your visitors then your authority will grow.

Authority is a long-term process and one which cannot be ignored if you want to develop a serious, long-term search engine optimisation campaign.

Backlink Attributes for Trust and Authority

  • Google Indexed
  • Do Follow
  • Non Orphan Page
  • Category Specific Link Profile
  • Relevant
  • Contextual Link
  • Good Trust & Citation Metrics
  • Variety of URL, Brand, junk and keyword anchor text
  • Unique Class C IP Addresses

If your link meets the criteria above then you will have the basics in place to increase your rankings. Google use a variety of the criteria to value each backlink and to identify low quality links, networks and bad neighbourhoods.

For this reason building links from sites that all have unique class C IP addresses will differentiate each of those links as being from a different server and thus unrelated.

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