Travel Tips

How To Travel Smarter

More and more of us are travelling further afield for our holidays as we become more used to exploring far off lands and planning our own travel arrangements.

Package holidays are becoming less popular as we feel more confident about planning and booking our own holidays, flights and accommodation.

Booking flights has become much easier in recent years, and you can book hotels from the comfort of your armchair for almost anywhere on earth.

We are all becoming more eager to explore further afield and go to countries once considered to be too far off the beaten path.

The cost of travel hasn’t risen much in the past 25 years, with competition keeping costs down. With comparison websites thriving, hotel and accommodation prices have also stayed low, meaning great bargains for travellers.

Terrorism Threat

One fly in the ointment for tourism is terrorism, which has left some regions of the world exposed to violence. This has naturally concerned some people and led to a drop in visits to some locations such as Egypt, Turkey & Tunisia.

While there is a clear and obvious danger involved with travel to some of these countries, that remote danger exists with all travel as the western world is being targeted much more generally and often from within ‘safe’ countries.

While it makes sense to avoid the most dangerous & hostile locations, it is worth remembering that millions of people travel daily around the world without incident & flying is still one of the safest forms of travelling.

If you take reasonable precautions it is very unlikely that you will ever be involved in a terrorist attack.